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When it comes to your La Crosse home improvement projects, it’s best to rely on assistance from a professional. If you want a skilled contractor handling the siding installation for you, our team can assist you.

Great River Roofing has years of experience in siding installation that every homeowner would love. We are composed of skilled and dedicated team members who are willing to go the extra mile to have a high-quality output.

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Siding Installation That We Offer

When it comes to sidings for homes, there are many options. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and is popular depending on the weather conditions prevailing in a particular area. The cost is also an influencing factor.

Here are some of the types of sidings that we install:

  • Aluminum and Vinyl Sidings – Sidings made out of aluminum or vinyl score over others due to their low maintenance and the fact that they do not necessarily require painting. The only disadvantage is wear and tear over a period of time with aluminum sidings developing dents and the vinyl ones developing cracks.
  • Masonite Sidings & Hardy Planks – These sidings look similar but have different maintenance requirements. Masonite sidings tend to deteriorate faster and require regular upkeep whereas the Hardy planks by virtue of being made of cement do not rot and are a very good substitute for Masonite.
  •  Brick or Stone Sidings – These are excellent alternatives and are superb in terms of their durability. The only hitch is the cost and if you can afford them, they are the best option.
  •  Stucco – This type of siding is manufactured out of cement and the greatest advantage it offers is it is moisture-proof. Depending on the weather conditions in your city, you can opt for this one. It will however require regular upkeep.

Aside from that, we can also install cedar sidings, veneer and artificial sidings, clapboard, and steel.

If you want to secure the services of an experienced  La Crosse siding contractor, give us a call now with any questions that you might have. We always provide a quick response to inquiries. As an added bonus, we also offer free estimates in order to help you better plan ahead. For more information on how you can benefit from our services, contact Great River Roofing, right away. We are eager to get started working with you.

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