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Best Snow And Ice Removal Service in La Crosse, WI

Here at Great River Roofing, we use a commercial steam machine to remove snow and ice dams from the roof. We never use hammers, or ice picks, that can possibly damage your roof. 

Our commercial steam machines also mean you won’t pay for needless hours of work. Our steam machine melts ice far quicker than the average hot-water pressure washers that most so-called ice dam “experts” use to soak your roof with dangerous amounts of water.

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How We Do the Roof Snow and Ice Removal

Ice dam usually occurs when the heat from your home escapes to the roof, melting the snow, while water runs down causing refreezing on the roof edges and having a big build-up.

Our proven ice dam steam machine and snow removal services throughout La Crosse can provide your home with protection from costly water damage caused by ice dams and roof leaks.

Can’t I just remove the icicles?

Just removing snow or icicles from the edge of your roof will not fully remove it from your roof and may even cause buildup, that’s why we utilize professional-grade steaming machines to ensure that the snow and ice dams are removed correctly and safely.

How long does snow and ice dam removal take?

We can do it within 2-4 hours on average, but each and every job is different and that makes it nearly impossible to determine exactly how long a job will take. But we make sure that we discuss it first to our client before even we start the project.

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